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My name's Pete and I create, develop and publish the Picprojects on this web site.  I work in the IT Industry and have always had an interest in digital and micro electronics.  The PIC microcontrollers are a hobby for me; I originally set the website up to share my experiments and projects with like minded individuals and as far as practical that is still the ethos behind it. 

As a kid I was really interested in electronics and the early home computers; the ones you built yourself. There was no Internet and I spent many hours poring over books and electronic magazines teaching myself.  What I would have given for access to the Internet back then.

The website is here for all those people today who were like me back in the day; hungry for knowledge, keen to learn and enjoy building things and experimenting themselves.  I started selling kits of parts to make these projects more accessible to those with the enthusiasm but not the resources.  As of April 2016 I have stopped selling the kits.  I think times have moved on with the advent of cheap systems based an Arduino and RaspberryPi as well as other platforms and cheap ready made modules.  Interest in PIC microcontroller based projects has fallen and my kits sales had dropped off to the extent it was not viable to continue selling them once stocks had been run down.

I still love working with the PIC and I think it is a great device for many applications.  I have put many hours of work in to the projects and website so I hope you find something here that is helpful to you and excites you into learning more yourself.


April 2016

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